Tour Directors

Europe Land Travel Tour Directors are knowledgeable friendly professionals who share your passion for traveling, giving you local insight during your trip.

We strictly work only with regional Tour Directors for your best cultural connection.

If your trip covers 3 countries, your Tour Director is resident of one of them. He or she speaks the languages,  has the history knowledge with private life stories, knows the current political and economical situation and is aware of the problems that these countries are facing right now, knows people and destinations and gives you tips and hints. We believe that Tour Directors have huge impact on your experience and that’s why we work only with the best ones!

face-picture Michal Ondrus

Born in a communist country, raised during socialist times changing to democratic, listening to stories about the perfect life in the western part of the world, Michal always wanted to travel. He studied Hospitality Business and as soon as he could he started working in tourism industry. Traveling in many different countries Michael really enjoyed seeing new places, meeting new people, learning languages and discovering different cultures and their habits.But he also realized, how important it is to know someone local, who can direct you to places you want to see, gives you inside tips and advices,  tell you about the real life in the country and bring you close to their culture. So he became Tour Director in part of the world he was raised in to make the best travel experience for visitors of these countries. He speaks 5 languages and still would like to learn 2 more. His life credo is “whatever you do,you have to have fun”.

Peter Vozar

A real „ Bratislavcan“ which means that he was born.raised and now lives in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia. He studied Mass Media Communication and worked in TV and radio. One day, he was asked to do a little tour of his hometown and this is where it all started. He became a professional licensed Guide in Bratislava and begun his career as a Tour Director. Today, he is not able to stay at home for more than a month like he says and has to travel. His knowleadge, passion for traveling, easy going personality and positive attitude is always a guarantee of a good trip!

Jana Dorova

One of the last“ czechoslovak ladies“ as she claims since she was born in Slovakia but lives in Czech Republic. Czechoslovakia used to be one country for over 42 years until the dissolution in 1993. Since then,we are Slovaks or Czechs, but Jana claims to be Czechoslovak. She studied international tourism and worked as a Delegate of Slovakia. Being a Tour Director is something that she really enjoys doing and she is great. She loves architecture and history and her favourite cities are Dresden and Prague. She speaks 4 languages and would like to learn 2 more. She is always happy and make people laugh with her funny stories from her own life. Her knowleadge, skills and smiley face will make every day of your trip memorable.

Filip Luknar

Our „history geek“ lives in the capital city of Hungary, Budapest. He was born in the city called Szeged,that lies in the southern part of Hungary very close to the borders with Romania and Serbia. Filip speaks 4 languages.He studied history and international business relations at the University of Szeged which is one of the most distinguished universities in the country.During his student years he backpacked through many countries and enjoyed getting to know different places and people. He knows many little local restaurants and bars and he likes to show them to his travelers.Filip loves traveling, being around people and has passion for history what makes him an excellent Tour Director.

20150619_205249 (2)

Bohuslav Schwarzin

Born in Slovakia but lives for many years in Austria in a small town Hainburg near Vienna. He studied hospitality business and later on worked on big cruise ships where he became a cruise director. After a lot of fun and sailing through the world he decided to stay  close to his family and friends. Now Bohuslav is part of Europe Land Travel as a Tour Director where he enjoys the privilege of leading small groups of travelers.