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We were recommended to go with europe land travel.Last time we were in europe was in 2007. We really were impressed by the knowledge of our guide Peter.He could answer every question we had.And we had a tons of questions.We enjoyed all the places especially the castle in Bojnice,the castle in Krakow and the chopin concert in Warsaw.Auschwitz was very depressing I have to say,but it is a part of history. Clean coaches,superb hotels,excellent guides and informative commentaries on the coach.Nothing was missing. Thank you

Jack and Marylin, California/ Vienna to Warsaw, August 2015 -

My wife and I do 2-3 trips every year.We traveled with Trafalgar, Grand circle travel, Vantage and now first time with europe land travel.Every company offers something better than the other one.Europe travel provides traveling in a very nice relaxing  atmosphere.Kind of like a family trip where everything is taking care of. Nice 4 star hotels,better then traveling with grand circle.But if you prefer 5 star hotels go with Trafalgar. For us it was just fine.We enjoyed it and we'll be back.

Derek and Sarah, New York/ Vienna to Warsaw, July -

I went with my girlfriend who traveled for 2nd time to europe and for me it was 5th time. Everything was great and well organized from the arrivals to hotels,food,guided tours and so on. But I would not travel during summer to europe again.It was just too hot for us. Think about the time of the year you want to visit europe. 

Mary and Jane, Boston/Berlin to Vienna, July -

We've been to Europe 30 years ago.As we got older we felt that we should let someone to do all the planning.We are completely satisfied with our choice.Everything was well organized and we could sit back and relax.So much has changed in europe that we were shocked.All the places we visited were amazing. If our health let us, we'll do the polish trip next year. Great job.

Gary and Alicia, Atlanta/ Berlin to Vienna, July 2015 -

This was our 2nd trip with ELT and it was an incredible trip. First of all,our tour leader Peter was outstanding. He is marvelous person who always were there for us. Our driver Macej was great too and we loved his stories translated by Peter. Both did a fantastic job! The Itinerary was well balanced as always with enough free time.We love europe and every place has its own magic. This tour is a big eye opener especially in Poland. Every person on this planet should visit Auschwitz. Highly recommended tour!

Terry and Betty, Washington/ Vienna to Warsaw, June -

First tour with Europe land travel. I Went single,had a wonderful time and met wonderful travel companions. I did not expect every place we went would have such a charm and wonderful sense of history. Was impressed with the logistic and great balance between group activities and free time. Tour guide Jana did a great job with history, cultural differences, maps, museum descriptions... Loved the food!

Dorothy, Pennsylvania/ Berlin to Vienna, May 2015 -

In the last 30 years me and my husband experienced europe a few times on our own. But this time, we were ready for someone else to handle room reservations, luggage, transportation, sightseeings so we joined an escorted tour group. Our group of 20 people was friendly, compatible, happy and interested in local culture. Tour proved to be planned really carefully, covering all the important sights in every place we visited. We enjoyed driving through the countrysides and seeing the beautiful landscapes in between as well. Our tour director was Peter, young gentleman from Slovakia. He was very knowledgeable, attentive, highly competent with great stories to tell. We enjoyed his family stories and his personal views of the political situation in europe.Our favourite places were Budapest with evening magnificent sailing, Bojnice fairy-tale town and Krakow with historic old town, jewish quarter, Schindler's factory and sad part of the history Auschwitz. The Chopin concert with the farewell dinner in Warsaw was topnotch. Thank you all – our group members, Europe Land Travel and especially our tour director Peter.

John and Maria, Texas/ Vienna to Warsaw, June 2015 -

Kate and I were first time travelers with Europe Land Travel. Our tour director Jana was great and made our first experience a very enjoyable one. She maintained the itineray as scheduled and went out of her way to personalize our trip. She provided all information necessary and answered all of our questions with a smile. We especially enjoyed the folk musicians and dancers in Prague and brewery visit in Budweiss. All the local guides had some good stories to tell. City tours and the sight seeing was amazing. We liked the opportunity given for free time in all of the cities we visited. My understanding of eastern europe is much different now. This is a "must do trip"! Excellent experience all around.

Harry and Kate, California/ Berlin to Vienna, May -

After taking a trip with ELT I have only one thing to do, to recommend them.We traveled to europe many times.We've done trip with other company(gct) a few years back and was not very happy with them so after that we traveled on our own. With years going by we are not as adventures and we decided to take a tour again, but this time with ELT. We did the right thing! We could compare and we saw a big difference.To keep it short, experienced tour director, knowledgeable guides, small friendly group, nice hotels, smooth pacing and the most important all sightseeings and tours are included and no one is trying to sell me any extra half day tour or get more money out of me and my wife. Great job guys. Keep it up.

Michael and Victoria, New York / Berlin to Vienna, May 2015 -

We had an excellent, informative, educational, moving and fun time on this trip. Our tour director made this a wonderful journey teaching us about the history, culture, people and architecture of eastern europe. If you have not been to this part of europe,it is a must! The hotels were great,we had a fun group of like-minded people and the city tour guides were excellent. We learned so much-it was really an educational trip,not just a vacation.

Linda and John, Florida / Vienna to Warsaw, March 2015 -

I've decided to contribute as well. I agree with all the reviews but what I really appreciate was the personal approach. The phone call and email before the trip made me really felling safe already before I left home. And being in a small group was absolutely precious. It was only 16 of us. Whatever you need you have tour manager by your side. You get to know him and other people in your group, you know names of your drivers or guides, you just feel so comfortable. They even called me if I made it home OK! And thank you email after the call as well. Great!

Barbara, California / Vienna to Warsaw, March 2015 -

This trip exceeded all of my expectations. I've been to Vienna before,so I knew how beautiful the city is,but the local guide made such a difference that I felt like it is my first time there.I had no idea that Bratislavia is so close to Vienna and so pretty. I really enjoyed the home visit, we had a lady Ivana with her daughter Eva to welcome us. Their apartment was kind of small but cozy.We had homemade cake and coffee and had a great time talking to Ivana. She shared her life story with us and I think that all of us were touched with her honesty. I don't know how Michael with his team finds these families, but this was one of the most memorable moments of the trip for me. There is so much we don't know about the life in small countries in europe. Then we drove to Budapest.! I think I like it even more then Vienna now. The view from the hill on a buda side overlooking the pest side is fantastic. And so was the evening sailing. We had an excellent local guide explaining the sad history of Hungary.Visit the museum of terror in your free time,very easy to get there by metro.  Bojnice-just like described, a fairy tale castle. We were apparently one of the first americans there.  We had a wonderful tasty slovakian dinner and a folklore performance done by 3 young ladies and 2 young men,  The drive to Krakow is a bit long but Michael gave us a few very informative talks so it was OK. Krakow is very nice place where we spent 3 days. I liked the salt mine,it was nothing like i expected.But I have to say i was very tired at the end of the tour,it is a lot of walking.But it's worth it. We went to Auschwitz as well. It is so busy there,that we did not get private tour but were put in a group with other people.But the guide was good so it was not a problem. I reccommend to visit schindler's factory in your free time. The last city on our trip was Warsaw.Today it is a very modern city with high modern buildings, but at least small part of the old town wasn't destroyed. Farewell dinner with Chopin Concert was the best end to our trip we could have. Oh yes,reccommended!

Anna Marie, Arizona / Vienna to Warsaw, April 2015 -

Fabulous Trip! It was our first time and it was just great. Good hotels, knowledgeable guides, tasty meals, enough free time, nothing to complain about. The best part was dinner in this traditional polish restaurant in Krakow where Michael took us. There was a big group of young people having a lot of fun. So we, curious americans wanted to know who they are. Michael without hesitation went to find out.It was a group of swedish singers and musicians spending a few days in Krakow. They marched in our room and started to sing for us. I guess it must have been like 30 of them.They even sang american song for us. Then some of them stayed for a while and talked to us. Tasty polish dinner with a nice surprise. I hope ELT can post some pictures I sent to them.

Bob, Florida / Vienna to Warsaw, April 2015 -

Fabulous Trip!!!  We were so happy that we took this promo trip! We knew Michael already from before when we traveled with other company. He always goes above and beyond your expectations. This time we were a bit worried because our tour director was supposed to be Peter. But after our welcome meeting I knew all is going to be OK! You can see that these  guys are enjoying what they do. Very informative, attentive, always smiling, polite, knowledgeable, with great stories to tell…And trip by itself is of course very enjoyable. Vienna, Budapest , Bratislava, Krakow, Warsaw and castle town bojvice just wow

Evelyn and Martin, Florida / Vienna to Warsaw, April 2015 -

I enjoyed  the tour very much. It was all fine. I only wish we spent more time in Budapest. It was definitely my favourite.Our guide Peter was like a history book! But not in boring way, he always added some jokes or his own stories. He is so knowledgeable for such a young man. He took good care of us and was always available. Hotels were fine and the buses as well. Only the drive from Krakow to Warsaw is a bit long. Recommended

Mary, South Carolina / Vienna to Warsaw, March 2015 -

We love Europe too. We’ve been many times, but this one was one of the best. It really is a big plus if your tour director is from there. We had Peter too, he took us to this local Restaurant where he normally goes. No English menus, no tourists. And the food was just so delicious, I’ve never eaten so much beef(we had goulash). We loved the salt mine in Poland and  the castle in Slovakia. Great trip!

Bob and Sue, Nevada / Vienna to Warsaw, March 2015 -

I agree with most of the reviews. I loved the architecture of the places we went. Europe is so beautiful.I mean I love Rome and Paris but all these places in eastern Europe are so different you gotta love them. My tour director was Peter. Can’t complain about anything,he was just great and so was the trip!

Steven, Texas / Vienna to Warsaw, March 2015 -

We enjoyed the trip very much and  after returning home to Atlanta  I have been telling everyone about it--and recommending Europe Land Travel! This was my first time in Europe, but hopefully only the first of many! Peter you were fantastic as a Tour  Director!  I am so happy to have had the pleasure of meeting your beautiful Jana, and hope you two had a wonderful time in Rome following our tour!  Best wishes for a bright future!

Carol, Atlanta / Vienna to Warsaw, March 2015 -

We truly enjoyed Michael’s company! He has great knowledge and stories to tell and we especially enjoyed his sense of humor. I told him that I am interested in Copernicus. He surprised me and booked a guided tour in English for me and my wife at the Jagellonian University in Krakow where Copernicus studied.I would never even thought of it. It was great! Thank you again Michael and we wish you the best of luck!

Bill and Yvonne, Michigan / Vienna to Warsaw, April 2015 -

Michal is great! I traveled with him last September. He was so attentive and caring about the whole group.When we were in Budapest I really wanted to go to the spas. So after the city tour Michael gave us all the instructions how to get there and back to the hotel by public transportation. I was a bit worried because we were 2 women, but he made it very clear for us  and it all worked out just fine.He was such a pleasure to be around.

Janice, Florida / Vienna to Warsaw, April 2015 -

We will savor our tour with you for many years to come. Thanks for your expert leadership and your warm, caring, spirit. We have fallen in love with Germany,Czech and Austria.

Nancy, New York / Berlin to Vienna. March 2015 -

Michael was an excellent and truthfully professional tour director. The trip was absolutely wonderful. Excellent hotels, tasty food, brilliant guides, clean coach and a lot of fun. Thank you for sharing your knowledge along the way.I am looking forward to my next trip.

Brenda, Texas / Berlin to Vienna, March 2015 -

Thank you for everything you did for us.You are so knowledgeable about history,culture and people on all the place we went.Your handouts have been just great, we really appreciate all your hard work.Your sense of humor is wonderful  we really liked your jokes,comments and your laughter.You took a very good care of us and were so polite and attentive to everyone’s needs.We wish you all the best and much happiness in your life!

Kay and Bill, Philadelphia / Berlin to Vienna, March 2015 -

We’ve had a wonderful time visiting three countries with beautiful castles,churches,town squares and so much more.We will always remember all the historical sights and our photos will help document every place we have visited.The very best part of our trip was having you as our tour director.Not only the informative talks you gave and your knowledge  of history, but your wonderful sense of humor.It was a pleasure to spend 12 days with you thank you for making our vacation extra special.We wish you much success and happiness.Thank you

Lisa and John, Pennsylvania / Berin to Vienna, March 2015 -

Having you as our tour director we wish to express our deep appreciation for your great leadership and consideration that we will never forget.

Chris and Beth, California / Berlin to Vienna, March 2015 -

Michael you were such a great help. Thank you again for everything you did. We enjoyed meeting you and we loved the trip! Your knowledge of all the places we went was outstanding. Keep it up,great job!


Olina, New Jersey / Berlin to Vienna, March 2015 -

Michael,  I want to thank you for being such a great Tour Guide and Director.  Both Mary and I had a great time, although my legs may disagree because of all of the walking we did.  However, it did my legs good and I have made a resolution to continue walking and keep my walking legs in good shape.   Hope you had a great trip to Rome. .  Best of luck in all of your future.

Alex, Washington / Berlin to Vienna, March 2015 -

Thank you so much for a wonderful trip! You were full of information and we loved your sense of humor. All the best in the future

Vera and Phil, Florida / Berlin to Vienna, March 2015 -

We want to thank you for everything, especially for your time and effort you extended in resolving our problem with our credit card.You are very knowledgeable and as a Tour Director you gave us a whole new perspective about your people, history, culture.

Eddie and Leny, Minnesota / Berlin to Vienna, March 2015 -